BBP Comprehensive Training Program

Ergonomics Research: Wrist & Hands

Trade Specific:

Drywall & Ceiling Installation

Masonry – Brick, Block, Stone, Cement, & Terrazzo

  • Hess JA, Kincl LD, Amasay T, Wolfe P [2009]. Ergonomic evaluation of masons laying concrete masonry units and aerated autoclaved concrete. Applied Ergonomics. View abstract.
  • Anton D, Rosecrance JC, Gerr F, Merlino LA, Cook TM [2005]. Effect of concrete block weight and wall height on electromyographic activity and heart rate of masons. Ergonomics;48(10):1314-1330. View abstract.
  • A Biomechanical Analysis of Laying Concrete Block (1999)

Metal Work

  • Welch LS, Hunting KL, Kellogg J [1995]. Work-related musculoskeletal symptoms among sheet metal workers. Am J Ind Med;27:783-791. View abstract.

Other – Non-Construction

  • Anton D, Rosecrance J, Merlino L, Cook T [2002]. Prevalence of musculoskeletal symptoms and carpal tunnel syndrome among dental hygienists. Am J Ind Med;42:248-257. View abstract.

Non Trade-Specific: