Struck-By Hazards

Struck-By Infographics

These infographics, developed for the National Campaign to Prevent Struck-By Incidents, can help raise awareness of the risk of, and ways to prevent, struck-by incidents and fatalities in work zones.

Download the infographics as PDFs or JPEGs for use in social media, presentations, and print materials. *JPEG Download: To download the JPEG version, right click the word ‘JPEG’ underneath the infographic of your choice and click ‘Save Link As’ to download.




English – JPEG/PDF                                                 English – JPEG/PDF

(Spanish – JPEG/PDF)                                             (Spanish – JPEG/PDF)



English – JPEG/PDF                                                   English – JPEG/PDF 

(Spanish – JPEG/PDF)


English – JPEG/PDF                                                English – JPEG/PDF
                                                                                    (Spanish – JPEG/PDF)


English – JPEG/PDF                                                English – JPEG/PDF
(Spanish – JPEG/PDF)                                           (Spanish – JPEG/PDF)