Planning, Evaluation & Dissemination Tools for Researchers

r2p Tools: Triage Tool

CPWR developed the r2p “triage” process and tool in order to assess completed research projects to determine:

  • The dissemination efforts that have been made
  • Which target populations have already learned of the research findings
  • If there is an intervention or solution ready for adoption

The triage process involves rating the strength of the research findings based on the:

  • Potential reach and impact of the intervention
  • Availability of potential partners for dissemination efforts
  • Relative ease or difficulty of achieving the proposed change
  • Extent to which the change addresses a high priority area (based on the NORA Construction Sector Council goals).

CPWR uses the results of the triage process to prioritize resources for further dissemination efforts and to identify projects that are at the pre-intervention phase and may need further research.

The worksheets and instructions can be found at “How to Use the Triage Tool”.

Learn more: Triage for action: Systematic assessment and dissemination of construction health and safety research (American Journal of Industrial Medicine 58(8): 838-848).