Planning, Evaluation & Dissemination Tools for Researchers

Research to Practice (r2p) Roadmap Tool and Triage Process

CPWR works with members of its Research Consortium to ensure that each project includes a plan to disseminate important results and to encourage further steps to reduce occupational injuries and illnesses. This r2p Roadmap Tool is designed to help researchers develop a plan for how their research findings and outputs will ultimately be used to reduce occupational injuries and illnesses in the construction industry. Researchers are encouraged to begin using this planning tool at the start of their research project. The Roadmap tool asks researchers to consider critical questions about the potential output that will be generated by their research and walks them through the steps and actions they will need to take along the way, the stakeholders who will need to be involved, and the support that will be needed to translate their findings into actions on job sites. (Note: The r2p Roadmap Worksheets and Guidance Document were originally developed in the 2009-2014 grant cycle and revised in the 2014-2019 grant cycle based on lessons learned and feedback provided by members of CPWR’s Research Consortium and NIOSH.)

The Triage process is used with completed research projects to assess: the dissemination efforts that have been made; which target populations have already learned of the research findings; and if there is an intervention or solution ready for adoption. The worksheets and instructions can be found at “How to Use the Triage Tool”. Learn more: Triage for action: Systematic assessment and dissemination of construction health and safety research