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OSHA Alliances

The OSHA Alliance Program and its Construction Roundtable bring together construction stakeholder groups to work collaboratively with OSHA to prevent workplace fatalities, injuries, and illnesses by developing compliance assistance tools and resources, sharing information and resources with workers and employers, and educating them about their rights and responsibilities.

The OSHA-CPWR Alliance was formed in 2017 and renewed it in 2019. In addition to working collaboratively with other alliances to support the Program’s goals, the OSHA-CPWR Alliance:

  • Developed an online resource to promote trench safety and infographics in English and Spanish, and conducted a survey to add to the industry’s understanding of the factors that contribute to and ways to prevent trench incidents.
  • Is a partner in the #KeepTeenWorkersSafe campaign, which involves planning for and promoting the social media campaign, providing training resources, and producing materials, such as infographics for use in social media, print materials and presentations.
  • Developed a Hazard Alert (in English and Spanish), Toolbox Talk (in English and Spanish), and fact sheet for heavy equipment dealers (in English and Spanish) on how to prevent exposure to silica dust while working in an enclosed cab. The dealer fact sheet is a new product designed to help those renting or selling equipment understand the requirements in the OSHA and MSHA standards so they can best advise their customers.


Current OSHA Construction Alliances:

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