Foundations For Safety Leadership (FSL)

Train the Trainer Power Point Presentation + Teaching Guide

This 40-minute presentation can be used by those who want to introduce other instructors to the FSL but may not have 2.5 hours to present the whole thing.

The following are videos of the FSL training program being co-taught by two experienced FSL trainers. The videos were developed at the request of trainers  to give them an idea of how the FSL is used in practice.

The first video includes the full 2 hour training program. The other videos are the individual sections from the full video broken. These shorter sections can be used by those interested in learning more about a specific part of the program or those with less time to spend in one viewing.

If you plan to watch the sections (vs. the full video), we recommend starting with Section 1: Introduction and Foundational Material and then watching the others in order.

Section 1: Introduction and Foundational Material (42:33 mins)

Section 1: Skill 1 – Lead By Example (8:39 mins)

Section 1: Skill 2 – Encourage and Empower (4:58 mins)

Section 1: Skill 4 – Develop Team Members (10:33 mins)

Section 1: Skill 5 – Recognize Team Members (2:39 min.)

Section 2: Scenario Introduction (06:47 mins)

Section 2: “Watch” Scenario (10:30 min.)

Section 2: “Role Play” Scenario  + Takeaways (12:24 mins)