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Below are all the key resources you will need to teach the FSL, plus materials to enhance the classroom experience.

Click HERE to access additional supporting and supplemental materials, or click HERE to learn more about the FSL.

Instructor Guide

Provides suggested notes to use for each slide as well as ideas for classroom activities and discussion questions. Before teaching the FSL, instructors should review the short introductory section to learn about the presentation structure and content and suggestions for time management.

FSL PowerPoint Presentation (PC or MAC)

Formatted slides with animation functions, embedded videos, and notes.

Student Handout
Includes key slides, written scenarios, and note-taking area.


The posters can be printed in poster size (see suggested dimensions below), hung in the trailer or classroom where you conduct your FSL training, and used as part of your scenario discussions. You might consider laminating them so they can be reused.

The FSL Leadership Skills Poster
Contains a table listing the leadership skills and good leadership actions. Suggested printing dimensions: 34” x 44”

Scenario Facilitation Table Poster
Lists each of the leadership skills. If you laminate it, you can use an erasable marker to check how the class responds to the discussion questions. Suggested printing dimensions 24” x 36”.


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