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How much have adverse occupational health outcomes among construction ...

Knut Ringen, John Dement, Laura Welch, Patricia Quinn. American Journal of Industrial Medicine, November 2022.

This key finding focuses on the data used from medical screenings of former construction workers at U.S. Department of Energy nuclear facilities, to examine how health outcomes have changed over the past 60 years.

Operating Engineers and the OSHA Silica Standard: A Survey of Union Tr...

Grace Barlet, Rosemary K. Sokas, and Eileen Betit. NEW SOLUTIONS: A Journal of Environmental and Occupational Health Policy, 2020.

This Key Finding summarizes a study in which researchers collaborated with the IUOE to survey trainers on their familiarity with the OSHA silica standard, related training, and perceptions of cab filtration systems.

Hazard-Specific Resources & Training Tools

CPWR’s commitment to reducing construction injuries, illnesses and fatalities includes offering extensive resources on a wide range of safety and health topics, including Toolbox Talks and Hazard Alert Cards.

Clearing the Air for Construction Workers

Pam Susi and her team have leveraged those partnerships to create a widely-cited series of studies on occupational exposure to welding fumes and airborne silica dust.