Customize 8 Hr Refresher Course

 30min Survey and Registration
 20min Introduction/Icebreakers


1. Year in Review
 60min Small Group Exercise
 40min Face Incedent Review
 20min Lecture
 10min Lecture


2. Site Safety & Health Contacts
 20min TBA
 10min Contact Information


3. Job Hazard Analysis
 80min Risk Map Exercise
 75min Jobsite Planning
 40min Safety Walk-Around
 10min ID the Hazard


4. Containing Spills
 40min Emergency Mock Spill
 20min Drum and Spill Containment
 10min TBA


5. Hazard Recognition / Work Practices
 60min Chemical Spill
 40min Haz-Com 40 (WD-40)
 10min Haz-Com 10-A (Hazcom Standard)
 10min Haz-Com 10-B (Labeling)
 10min Haz-Com 10-C (MSDS’s)
 10min Haz-Com 10-D (Pocket Guide)
6. Hazard & Engineering Controls
 55min Welding Fumes
 50min Card Sharks
 20min TBA
 10min TBA


7. Medical Surveillance
& Symptoms of Exposure
 75min Toxic T-Shirts
 30min TBA
 20min Medical Surveillance
 10min TBA


8. Emergency Response
 60min Chemical Spill
 55min Bronco’s Scenario
 45min DVD-based Simulation
 40min Emergency Mock Spill


9. Decontamination Procedures
 55min Ed’s Crz
 10min TBA


10. Personal Protective Equipment
 30min Cool Suits
 55min Russ’s Respirators
 20min Levels of PPE
 10min Donning Level C


11. Confined Space
 10min Confined Space Review
 30min Confined Space Cadets
 30min Confined Space Legal Update


D.O.E. Specific Material
10 CFR 851

Extra Activities for Leftover Time

Toxic Jeopardy
Download Crossword Puzzle
Download Crossword Puzzle Answers