Training Overview

CPWR has provided quality environmental and occupational safety and health training and resources to tens of thousands of construction workers since 1999. Our highly successful training program has been achieved with 15 national and international construction unions. The training offered by CPWR builds on the existing infrastructure of these Building Trades Unions and the 1,900+ joint apprenticeship and training programs in all 50 U.S. states and in Canada. These multi-employer apprenticeship and training programs invest more than $1.5 billion a year to train union construction workers in construction skills including safety and health, with more than 500,000 workers trained annually in this system. Building on this existing training infrastructure optimizes CPWR’s ability to reach all sectors of the construction industry.

These workers perform a wide range of job tasks in all phases of construction and environmental remediation, including remediation within the Department of Energy nuclear weapons complex; they are the same workers who bring skilled support to emergency responders in disaster response situations and are the workers who are often responsible for site clean-up and restoration in the wake of disasters. Together with their unions and employers, they are also part of a labor-management training infrastructure that makes available apprenticeship training and job opportunities for underserved and unemployed or underemployed workers throughout the United States.

With this track record of collaboration and coordination, the construction industry looks to CPWR as not only the primary source of environmental and occupational safety and health information and training, but as a leading national organization dedicated to reducing injuries, illnesses and fatalities in the construction industry and helping construction workers and the industry thrive. Creating a strong positive Safety Culture and Safety Climate is critical for reducing worker injury rates. Contractors, safety and health professionals, and other practitioners look to CPWR’s training and resources to help guide their jobsite safety climate improvement efforts.