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Mixed-Reality technology blends virtual reality with the physical world, enabling wearers of a mixed reality headset to view the physical environment as well as notes, objects and information appended to real-world objects, and then  to share their view with others via wireless networks. Applying this technology to safety communication would permit onsite and office personnel to collaborate about jobsite hazards in real-time with shared visuals. Researchers enrolled 53 construction personnel (including project managers, superintendents, and safety officers)  in an experiment to evaluate the potential of mixed reality as a means of safety communication. Participants were paired, with one on the jobsite wearing a Microsoft Hololens mixed-reality headset, and another in the office speaking with his colleague while sharing his view on a tablet computer. After exchanging information about jobsite hazards, participants were asked to compare the new technology with more conventional means of safety communication, such as phone calls, videoconferencing, e-mails, and traveling to the jobsite to talk face-to-face.


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