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Developed by CPWR researchers, construction workers, OSHA outreach trainers, safety and health professionals, and other subject matter experts, the 2.5-hour Foundations for Safety Leadership (FSL) module was formally released by OSHA as a 30-hour elective module in January 2017. Many small and large employers have also incorporated the FSL into their on-going safety training efforts. 

The FSL training provides construction foremen and other lead workers with the skills and information they need to become effective safety leaders who are able create a strong jobsite safety climate. The highly interactive module teaches students about the costs of ineffective and the benefits of effective safety leadership and, most importantly, 5 critical leadership skills and practices to use in their day-to-day interactions on the jobsite.

Thousands of construction workers across the country have already received the FSL training and are using the skills learned to more effectively carry-out company safety policies, procedures, and practices with their crew members and to create a strong positive jobsite safety climate. One foreman told us…

“The thing I took out of it is that three-way communicating. You know, having the people speak explain back to you what you told them. I mean, that really has helped a lot.  Instead of just giving somebody some information, sending them off blindly to do the job, and then you know, getting mad ‘cause they didn’t do it right.”

Crew members report that after the training, their foremen were practicing the leadership skills to a greater degree and that there was a stronger jobsite safety climate, as reflected by this worker’s comment. 

     “Once you do something and someone gets beside you and says “I appreciate you doing that man - maybe you want to tell your buddy over there that he needs to put his ear plugs on”. That way the foreman doesn’t have to say anything. A worker can go over and say something. But they’re patting you on the back for doing the right thing. This goes on more than what it did before.”

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