Liberty Mutual Safety Innovation Award

2021 Winners

The finalists for the 2021 Liberty Mutual Safety Innovation Award in Construction were announced June 3 at CPWR’s annual Research to Practice Seminar and Workshop. The award — sponsored by Liberty Mutual Insurance and administered by CPWR — recognizes innovative evidence-based technologies, work practices, and programs (interventions) designed to reduce or eliminate construction hazards that lead to injuries and pain in the construction industry.

The winner received a $15,000 cash prize and a plaque, the honorable mention firm received a $5,000 cash prize and a plaque, and the finalist received a plaque.


The Anchor Thread by Ajustcocloseup of the Anchor Thread tool
For decades, drilling holes in concrete for wedge anchors has been the go-to method of anchoring into a superstructure.  This method generates hazardous silica dust, weakens the superstructure, is dangerous for workers if required to be on a ladder or leading edge, and is time-consuming.  The Anchor Thread is a revolutionary way to anchor into a newly erected superstructure.  Workers attach it to the form work pre-pour and it becomes a permanent attachment point in the superstructure.  It can be used to attach many things, including leading edge cables, personal fall protection, mechanical, electrical and plumbing piping and equipment, tie downs for spider cranes, window washer equipment, and nets in elevator shafts.  The Anchor Thread system can save millions in insurance costs by greatly reducing hazards to construction workers. Learn more about the Anchor Thread by Ajustco.


HONORABLE MENTIONconstruction equipment with inset screenshot of section of the ViCAS system.
LivNSense Technologies Artificial Intelligence Vision Based Intelligent Collision Avoidance System  (ViCAS)
Construction is a hazardous environment where workers struck by heavy vehicles accounts for over 36% of fatal and non-fatal injuries. Over $60 billion is spent on employee compensation every year due to injuries resulting from blind zones. ViCAS, an integrated worker safety solution, detects proximity, mitigates blind zone accidents, and prevents collision between heavy vehicles and workers by use of artificial intelligence and machine vision technologies. The solution, which offers unique features like full and partial human detection, PPEs detection and predictive safety insights, aids the driver with real-time visual and audio alerts, thereby preventing fatal injuries and saving millions of dollars in losses and insurance claims. Learn more about LivNSense Technologies Artificial Intelligence Vision Based Intelligent Collision Avoidance System (ViCAS).


Hilmerson Safety Rail System™ multi-level structure with safety rail system installed.
Developed with feedback from construction industry experts, the Hilmerson Safety Rail System™ has ambitious goals: reinvent the guardrail to eliminate inefficiencies, cut costs, stop waste, generate quick and long-lasting ROI, and improve safety. This engineered steel guardrail kit system replaces wasteful and time-consuming 2×4’s for leading edge fall protection.  It can be quickly mounted to concrete substrates with a single anchor bolt, slab grabber and/or side mount plate or installed on many other surfaces with weighted, non-penetrating base plates. Its 200 linear feet of OSHA-compliant guardrail can be installed in minutes to provide protection throughout a job site. When a project is completed, the system—which has a 15-year lifespan—is easily disassembled, inventoried, stacked and/or transported to the next project. Learn more about the Hilmerson Safety Rail System™.