Liberty Mutual Safety Innovation Award

Application Process

The 2023 Liberty Mutual Safety Innovation Award required the following elements:

  • Applicants had to submit an application online that describes their work, including how it improves safety and health and who is using it.
  • Applications had to include a 3- to 5-minute video describing and/or demonstrating use of the intervention (evidence-based technology, work practice, or program). The video had to consider the following:
    • A description of the problem/hazard the intervention addresses
    • The target audience and the type of construction site(s) where the hazard may be present
    • An explanation of how the intervention will reduce the hazard
    • A description of dissemination and widespread use
    • The evidence that the intervention can achieve its goal
    • Why the intervention is innovative


PLEASE NOTE: Applications for an innovation could only be submitted once.


The Applicant agrees to allow Liberty Mutual Insurance and CPWR to verify the application information. The Applicant agrees that Liberty Mutual Insurance and CPWR expressly reserve the right to conduct a detailed background check, including a criminal history check, on any award finalist, at any time throughout the award process.