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Liberty Mutual Safety Innovation Award

Selection Criteria and Process

Selection Criteria:

♦  Submissions will be scored using the following categories:

  1. Demonstration of Safety Impact and/or Validation – evidence that the intervention has or will, for example, improve safety climate; reduce or eliminate a hazard or exposure; or reduce injuries/illnesses.
  2. Scalability to small construction firms with fewer than 20 employees.
  3. Financial Impact as measured by return on investment relative to innovation costs.
  4. Improvement in project management practices, procurement, selection of contractors or how work is organized. Includes prevention considerations at the design phase of construction work (prevention through design – PtD).
  5. Viability.  Likelihood to bring to market and/or reduction of barriers to adoption.
  6. Novelty – a new intervention, technology, work practice or program.
  7. Testimonial from at least one stakeholder.



♦  Applications for the 2021 award will open this fall.

Liberty Mutual Insurance and CPWR expressly reserve the right to: (1) disqualify without notice any Applicant from the awards for any reason in their sole discretion; and (2) conduct a detailed background check, including a criminal history check, on any award finalist, at any time throughout the award process.  


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