Safety Culture and Safety Climate

The Safety Climate-Safety Management Information System (SC-SMIS)

SC-SMIS logoContractors and safety professionals play a key role in keeping construction workers safe by understanding their company’s job site safety climate and employing strategies and resources to continuously strengthen it.  However, because not all companies have the financial and personnel resources to take these steps, CPWR developed the Safety Climate-Safety Management Information System (SC-SMIS) to help them.

Available to everyone for FREE, the SC-SMIS enables companies and safety professionals to:

  • Measure job site safety climate across eight leading indicators using CPWR’s reliable and valid safety climate assessment tools, the S-CAT or S-CATsc.
  • Download evidence-based safety management policies, procedures, guidelines, and templates from a large resource repository that can be used to strengthen low-scoring indicators.  All documents are available in English and Spanish and are formatted in Word, allowing companies to tailor them to specific needs.
  • Develop a plan to put the selected resources into action and keep track of current and completed plans.


Begin your safety climate improvement journey right now by going to the SC-SMIS homepage. Watch two short videos to learn more and then start exploring the power of this tool to create a stronger jobsite safety climate and safer construction sites. You can also download a flyer detailing the benefits of the SC-SMIS and share it with your colleagues.

Partners are crucial to CPWR’s ability to develop programs that improve the safety and health of construction workers. This list (names within each activity are alphabetized) recognizes the contributions partners made to the success of Safety Climate-Safety Management Information System or SC-SMIS.

New Video on Building Safety Climate

In this video, safety directors from small and medium-sized construction companies describe how they strengthen jobsite safety climate across eight leading indicators. Visit CPWR’s Safety Climate-Safety Management Information System to measure those indicators at your company and learn ways to improve them with evidence-informed resources.