Materials Handling Contractor Planning Tool

Contractor Planning Tool

Win Work & Retain Employees

Contractors who integrate safety into every stage of their business are better positioned to win work.

Today a growing number of project owners and general contractors are pre-qualifying subcontractors based on their safety record when awarding work.(1)  Dodge Data Analytics’ surveys of contractors in 2012 and 2015 found an increase in the percentage who said that having a safety program has a positive impact on their project’s.(2)

Among those that saw a positive impact:

  • 76% said it increased their ability to contract new work.
  • 71% said it improved their project quality.
  • 64% said it helps them retain staff.

“Many contractors who have experience modification rates above 1 have a harder time getting projects and often don’t qualify for municipal and government projects.” (3)

“It’s a numbers thing as well. If we’re not doing things safely, and our [EMR] numbers aren’t where they need to be, we don’t get any work. In order for us to get work…we need to do it safely. And that’s another way that we sell it: ‘Listen guys, our customers expect a high level from us, and part of that service is doing it safely. If we choose not to do things safely, that’s going to cost us work and it’s going to cost you guys hours…”(4)


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