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Trench Safety

Resources to Promote Safe Work in Trenches

Injuries and fatalities associated with trenching and excavation work are preventable. The following are resources to help raise awareness of the risks and promote safe work practices all year long.

View CPWR’s recent webinar with OSHA, NIOSH and United Rentals and ASSP’s webinar with OSHA on demand: 

“Increasing Awareness of Factors that Influence Trench Safety”  — to learn about recent trends and a collaborative effort to increase awareness of the factors that may contribute to trenching incidents and ways to mitigate the risks. Moderator: Eileen Betit, CPWR’s Research to Practice (r2p) Director
Scott Ketcham, Director, OSHA Directorate of Construction
Joe Wise, Regional Customer Training Manager at United Rentals Trench Safety
Dr. Alan Echt, Sr. Industrial Hygienist, NIOSH Office of Construction Safety and Health
Thursday, May 28th, 2020
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“OSHA and ASSP Share Trenching Safety Webinar”  — to hear from OSHA’s Scott Ketcham on the trends and ASSP’s Mike Hayslip and Steve Stock s on how contractors and workers can conduct excavation and trenching operations safely by following subparts of 29 CFR 1926, as well as the best practices described in industry consensus standards such as ANSI/ASSP A10.12.




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