Training Courses

Train the Trainer

CPWR is engaged in ongoing enhancement of training skills across the construction industry. Although the content focuses on occupational safety and health, these adult education skills are important regardless of the topic of instruction.  CPWR builds on a long history of union craft apprenticeship, journeyman upgrades and peer-to-peer training. Most apprenticeship instructors have 10 years or more field experience in construction, and most have experience as a mid-level manager, foreman, or union steward. Annual trainer enhancement programs continue to build skills and facilitate sharing of innovative lesson plans.

A train the trainer course provides experienced workers with the teaching skills, knowledge about adult learners, and the confidence to conduct health and safety training. Additional topics on chemistry, toxicology, and positive-pressure, pressure-demand supplied air respirators provide fundamental principles to learners about how their students can better protect themselves and those working around them. Participants must have current worker certification in the 40-hour Hazardous Waste Worker course or the 32-hour Lead Worker course or the 32-hour Asbestos Worker course.

For more information contact Gary Gustafson, CPWR Director of Environmental Hazard Training ([email protected]).