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​The Best Built Plans (BBP) program identifies the actions to take and provides free resources to use at each project stage to plan and implement safe materials handling practices.

  • Bidding – offers resources to help identify and estimate what to include in the bid to cover the cost of the equipment and labor that will be needed to safely lift, move, and store materials on the project.
  • Pre-Job – addresses what to consider before a project starts to ensure everyone involved in the project is ready to safely and effectively store, lift and move materials on the job site, and the materials and equipment are in place and accessible when needed.
  • On-the-Job – identifies the actions needed to ensure the safe work practices included in the plan to minimize manual materials handling are properly implemented, new risks are promptly identified and addressed, and injuries are prevented.
  • Look Back – includes information and questions to consider at the end of a project to identify lessons learned that can be used to improve materials handling and reduce injuries on future projects.


The approach follows the hierarchy of controls for reducing the risks for injuries associated with lifting and moving materials, from the most effective approaches for risk reduction at the top of the inverted triangle to the least effective for risk reduction at the bottom.


Program Overview

Best Built Plans

A short video introduces you to the program and how to use it to help plan for safe materials handling throughout a project’s life cycle – from preparing the bid through completing the project.

Watch the video in English (06:38) or in Spanish (08:45) 

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