Materials Handling Contractor Planning Tool

Materials Handling Contractor Planning Tool — Look Back

You’re Almost Done!

Consider this last step the first step in planning for and winning your next project.

Why Now?

Right after you finish a project is the best time to capture what worked well or not quite as planned to minimize manual materials handling. You may not get it 100% right the first time, but the more you learn, the better positioned you will be to successfully bid on future projects.

Key Steps & Questions to Consider

  1. Using your planning documents, compare your plan for manual materials handling with what actually took place on the jobsite REMINDER: If you used the Materials Handling Workbook and worksheets, you will have the documentation you need to conduct this review.
    • Identify what changed on the jobsite from what was planned and why.
    • Did the changes have a positive or negative outcome?
  2. If you did not already capture it during your daily meetings, meet with your employees to get their input on what helped or did not help to minimize manual materials handling, and what equipment, work practices, or actions they would recommend for future projects.
  3. Use what you learned to minimize manual materials handling on future projects.