Materials Handling Contractor Planning Tool

Contractor Planning Tool


WHO TO INVOLVE: Before a new project starts review what you included in your bid for how materials will be delivered, stored, lifted moved, and used on the job with:

  • Material and equipment suppliers
  • The project owner and/or general contractor
  • Your employees – foreman, project superintendent/project manager


PURPOSE & GOAL: Avoid downtime, damaged materials, and injuries from manual materials handling by reviewing the plan to ensure everyone involved in the project is ready to safely and effectively store, lift and move materials on the job site, and the materials and equipment are in place and accessible when needed.


  1. Since developing the bid, have changes been made to the materials to be used, or how they will be stored, lifted or moved?
  2. Which of your employees will be responsible for coordinating when and where materials will be delivered and stored? Who do they need to be in contact with (supplier, general contractor, other trades, foreman)?
  3. Which of your employees will be responsible for making sure lifting equipment will be available for lifting and moving loads weighing 50 pounds or more?
  4. Do your supervisory personnel (foreman, etc.) and workers need training on how to use the lifting equipment, safe lifting practices to manually lift loads, and how to talk about safety? If yes, how will they be trained, who will be responsible, and where and when will the training take place?

TIP: Ask your employees for their ideas on how to improve manual materials handling to avoid injuries and improve productivity.

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