Materials Handling Contractor Planning Tool

Contractor Planning Tool


WHO TO INVOLVE: Bidding on a new project may involve the estimator, project manager, safety director, and, if needed, the supplier/delivery driver, owner/general contractor.

PURPOSE & GOAL: Ensure resources are included in the estimate to cover the cost of the equipment and labor that will be needed to deliver, store, lift, and move materials without injury on the project.

  1. What materials do you plan to use on the project?
  2. What quantity of each material will you need?
  3. How heavy are the units (bundles, bags, etc.) of each material that workers will need to lift and move? Which weigh more than 50 pounds? Are their light weight or lighter weight options (e.g., 40 lb bags instead of 80 lb bags)?
  4. How will the materials be delivered and stored? Will you need storage equipment to ensure the materials are stored off the ground (at least 24” off the ground) to minimize bending and lifting?
  5. What lifting equipment will be used to eliminate worker lifts of more than 50 pounds?
  6. How will you keep track of the quantities and costs of the materials, weights, storage options, lifting equipment and assistance you need to prepare your bid?

TIP: Ask your employees for their ideas on how to improve manual materials handling to avoid injuries and improve productivity.