Safety Culture and Safety Climate

Workshop: Safety Culture and Climate in Construction: Bridging the Gap between Research and Practice

In June 2013, CPWR and NIOSH, as part of implementing the NORA Construction Sector Council research agenda, convened a one-day workshop in conjunction with NIEHS called: Safety Culture and Climate in Construction: Bridging the Gap Between Research and Practice. The goals were to 1) help define what these terms mean, 2) identify ways to measure safety culture/climate on sites and 3) identify effective ways to improve safety culture/climate.  Participants included small and large contractors, unions, academics and consultants.   


During the workshop small groups each with representation from industry, labor, government and academia worked on activities pertaining to definitions, measurement, and interventions.  The group as a whole would then discuss ideas generated by the small groups.  

Immediate and 3 month follow-up evaluation indicated a great deal of enthusiasm for the workshop and requests were made to be included in on-going efforts.  A 1-year anniversary webinar was held June 2014 with many of the workshop participants in attendance. Here we provide links to the full report, literature review, and workshop presentations: