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Construction Fatality Map Dashboard

Construction workers face numerous hazards on the job site each day. Despite ongoing efforts to improve safety, more than 1,000 workers have died on the job annually since 2016, with more than one-third resulting from falls to a lower level.

CPWR’s Data Center produced the Construction Fatality Map series from 2011 to 2018 with updates quarterly to support the National Campaign to Prevent Falls in Construction. To continue to raise public awareness of construction hazards and the need for improved safety in the industry, the Construction Fatality Map Dashboard was developed in 2021.

The dashboard combines data from ongoing OSHA fatality investigations and online media sources gathered since 2011. Data since the start of 2021 can be filtered by Construction Focus Four hazards (falls to a lower level, struck-by, electrocutions, and caught-in/between). Although the dashboard only captures about 70% of all construction fatalities, it provides detailed geographic information and other circumstances for each fatal injury.

You can download the data behind the Dashboard as a spreadsheet.  The Dashboard will be updated periodically when new data are available. If you are aware of a recent work-related fatality in construction, or have questions on the dashboard, please email [email protected]

To Use the Dashboard:

This dashboard allows you to categorize and track fatal injuries in construction geographically. It has five filters: Injury Type, Focus Four Category (2021 Onwards), State/Territory, Year, and Date Range. Click on the arrow along the left margin (>) and a selection panel with the five filters will appear. To pin the filters to the page, click the thumbtack (Image of a thumbtack).  The filters work inclusively, allowing you to filter by multiple criteria between and within filter categories.

The pie chart for “Percent Share of Fatal Injuries by Event Type” and the bar chart “Number of Fatal Injuries by State” will change based on selected criteria. The bar chart shows the five states/territories with the most fatalities based upon the selected filters. If you want to see a large version of either chart, mouse over its upper-right corner and click on the circle with the four arrows that appears. In addition, click on any point on the map to see a pop-up window with information about an individual killed on the job, OSHA records for the case, and links to related news coverage.


For mobile users:

If you are using a tablet or a smartphone, tap a point with your finger on the map, and then tap Fatality Details — you can get pop-ups with detailed information on the fatal injury. To view the Fatality by Injury Type pie chart or Fatality by State bar chart, tap the “<” and “>” arrows at the bottom of the dashboard.


Recommended Citation: CPWR-The Center for Construction Research and Training. [2024]. Construction Fatality Map [dashboard].