Construction Chart Book

Construction Chart Book (6th edition) Abbreviations


ABLES            Adult Blood Lead Epidemiology
and Surveillance Program
MMP          Mexican Migration Project
ACA                Affordable Care Act µg/dL          Micrograms per deciliter
ACS                American Community Survey µg/m3         Micrograms per meter cubed
ATUS              American Time Use Survey MSD           Musculoskeletal disorders
BEA                Bureau of Economic Analysis NABTU      North America’s Building
Trades Unions
BeS                Beryllium sensitivity NAICS       North American Industry
Classification System
BLL                 Blood lead level NASI          National Academy of Social
BLS                Bureau of Labor Statistics NCHS        National Center for Health                                Statistics
BMI                 Body mass index NCS           National Compensation
BRFSS           Behavioral Risk Factor
Surveillance System
NEP           Nano-enhanced products
BTMed            Building Trades National
Medical Screening Program
NEC          Not elsewhere classified
CBD                Chronic beryllium disease NHIS         National Health Interview Survey
CDC                Centers for Disease Control                                  and Prevention NIHL          Noise-induced hearing loss
CES                Current Employment Statistics NIOSH       National Institute for Occupational
Safety and Health
CFOI               Census of Fatal Occupational                              Injuries NNI            National Nanotechnology
CHAMPUS     Civilian Health and Medical                        Program of the Uniformed                        Services NORA        National Occupational Research                      Agenda
CHAMPVA      Civilian Health and Medical                                 Program of the Department of                        Veterans Affairs OES           Occupational Employment                    Statistics
COPD             Chronic obstructive pulmonary                        disease OHL           Occupational Hearing Loss
CPI                  Consumer Price Index OIICS         Occupational Injury and Illness                    Classification System
CPI-W             Urban Wage Consumer Price Index O*NET        Occupational Information                                  Network
CPS                Current Population Survey OSHA         Occupational Safety and Health                       Administration
CWCS             Center for Workers’                                              Compensation Studies OTI             OSHA Training Institute
DAFW             Days away from work PEL            Permissible exposure limit
DALY               Disability-adjusted life year PFAS         Personal fall arrest systems
dBA                 A-weighted decibels PPACA       Patient Protection and Affordable
Care Act
DOE                U.S. Department of Energy PPE           Personal protective equipment
DOL                U.S. Department of Labor PRC           Pew Research Center
ECI                 Employment Cost Index PtD            Prevention through Design
eLCOSH         Electrical Library of Construction
Occupational Safety and Health
QCEW       Quarterly Census of Employment                    and Wages
EPA                Environmental Protection Agency RAPIDS     Registered Apprenticeship
Partners Information Management
Data System
ENM               Engineered nanomaterials REL            Recommended exposure level
ETA                 Employment Training RNLE         Revised NIOSH Lifting Equation
FRED              Federal Reserve Economic Data r2p             Research to practice
FTE                 Full-time equivalent workers SAA           State Apprenticeship Agency
GDP                Gross Domestic Product SAVE         Safety voice for ergonomics                   project
GDPDEF         Gross Domestic Product:
Implicit Price Deflator
SBO           Survey of Business Owners
GSA                 Government Services
SIC            Standard Industrial Classification
HIV                  Human Immunodeficiency Virus SOC           Standard Occupational                    Classification
HPD                Hearing protection devices SOII           Survey of Occupational Injuries                   and Illnesses
HRS                Health and Retirement Study SVEP         Severe Violator Enforcement                            Program
ILO                  International Labour Organization SWR          Serious, willful, and repeat
IMIS                 Integrated Management                                      Information System TLV            Threshold limit value
IRS                  Internal Revenue Service TWI            Temporary Worker Initiative
ISIC                 International Standard Industrial                          Classification USGBC      U.S. Green Building Council
JOLTS             Job Openings and Labor                                      Turnover Survey WBV           Whole body vibration
LEED               Leadership in Energy and                                    Environmental Design WHD          Wage and Hour Division
LEV                  Local exhaust ventilation WMSD       Work-related musculoskeletal                           disorder
MEPS              Medical Expenditure Panel Survey